Falk Lehmann, a.k.a. Akut

Falk Lehmann (aka Akut) spoke in Amsterdam on 26 June 2011 about his work as a self-taught graffiti artist and curator. He also discussed the book Ma'claim: Finest Photorealistic Graffiti, which he co-authored.

Urban Arts Festival
Lehmann appeared at Spui25 with Chaz of street artists The London Police as part of the Urban Arts Festival. A range of urban artists and designers showed off their work, which featured individual takes on traditional crafts ranging from paper art to illustration and graphic art. Before his talk, Lehmann created a one-off performance art piece on Spui.

Akut and Ma’claim
In 1999 in Weimar, Germany, Lehmann and a group of friends formed a 'brotherhood' of graffiti artists. They worked together on photorealistic projects, and their collaboration led to the 2006 book Ma'claim: Finest Photorealistic Graffiti.

Lehmann on amateurism: "There's a lot of power in this amateurism thing. If you let it grow by yourself, without professional influence, you can find new points of departure in it. I see myself as something like a professional, but I am an autodidact. I taught myself, [so] I'm also a kind of amateur."

Masters of Amateurism
This year, Premsela and the American Book Center are holding a series of presentations focusing on the intersection of amateurism, popular culture and design. For this series, Masters of Amateurism, we invite international authors and designers to speak about their work in light of specific aspects of amateurism, such as DIY, hacking, Web 2.0, bricolage and street fashion.

Graffiti artwork by HERAKUT
Akut video portrait
The artist on his work
Urban Arts Festival
Photos of the event

Masters of Amateurism
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