Julia Pott

The English cartoonist, blogger and illustrator Julia Pott spoke with the Dutch tattoo artist Henk Schiffmacher about body ink, a passion they share, on 3 December 2011 in Amsterdam. They discussed designing, body decoration and inspiration at SPR SPECIALS. Pott was in Amsterdam at Premsela’s invitation.

Julia Pott
Julia Pott makes illustrations for freelance clients including Bat for Lashes, Etsy, Malibu rum and Skins Cosmetics. Her work is distinguished by its use of everyday-looking materials and mixture of sophisticated and accessible media. It has been exhibited in countries including the Netherlands, Belgium, Britain and the United States. Along with her more traditional commercial assignments, Pott produces work in accessible popular formats such as T-shirts, tattoos and YouTube cartoons. She recently graduated from Kingston University London.

Masters of Amateurism
In 2010 and 2011, Premsela is holding a series of presentations on the common ground in amateurism, popular culture and design in collaboration with the American Book Center. In Masters of Amateurism, we invite international authors and designers to talk about their work in the context of aspects of amateurism such as DIY, hacking, Web 2.0, bricolage and street fashion. Our other guests in 2010 were the German fashion blogger Katja Hentschel, the photorealist graffiti artist Falk "Akut" Lehmann and the London illustrator Nina Chakrabarti.
ulia Pott en Henk Schiffmacher, foto: Sander Marsman
Julia Pott: a video portrait
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Masters of Amateurism
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Katja Hentschel
Fashion blogger

Falk Lehmann
Graffiti artist

Nina Chakrabarti