Katja Hentschel

The blogger-photographer Katja Hentschel spoke on 18 July 2011 in Amsterdam about working at the place where the fashion industry and the underground meet. Hentschel – discovered through her blog, Glamcanyon – gave a presentation at Meneer de Wit as part of Premsela’s Masters of Amateurism series.Insert the introduction here.

At first, Glamcanyon was mainly a site featuring party photos. When Hentschel entered a photography competition in New York, things changed. She decided to include street fashion in her blog, since she found it inspiring. After that, the international media discovered Glamcanyon. “I was lucky enough to get noticed by magazines, newspapers and TV programmes reporting on Glamcanyon,” Hentschel says. “I hope my blog is not too mainstream despite this attention. But I think Glamcanyon viewers are a particular lot. In a good way.”

Katja Hentschel
Thanks to her blog, Hentschel has been discovered by big brands, including Absolut, Coca-Cola and Sony, and now works as a professional photographer. Glamcanyon continues to bring her attention, success, and income. She says she’s convinced she wouldn’t have been able to make a living as a photographer without it. She’s quoted in Kirstin Hanssen and Felicia Nitzsche’s book Fashion Blogs as saying she thinks the success of street-style blogs is down to "a mix of schaulust, a certain curiosity to see what other people are wearing and the hunt for inspiration and trends. I do think that street style blogs are shaping fashion to a good degree nowadays.”

Masters of Amateurism
Premsela is holding a series of presentations in 2010 on the common ground in amateurism, popular culture and design in collaboration with the American Book Center. In Masters of Amateurism, Premsela invites international authors and designers to talk about their work in the context of an aspect of amateurism such as DIY, hacking, Web 2.0, bricolage or street fashion. Our first guests were the German photorealist graffiti artist Falk ‘Akut’ Lehmann and the London illustrator Nina Chakrabarti.

Photo: Glamcanyon.com
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Hentschel at Meneer de Wit
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Masters of Amateurism
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Julia Pott

Falk Lehmann
Graffiti artist

Nina Chakrabarti