Re-Mix Symposium

The author Aram Sinnreich, the samplist Eboman and the political scientist Joost Smiers discussed the forms and consequences of media appropriation in the digital age at a symposium held by Premsela and VU University Amsterdam's Department of Arts and Culture. sert the introduction here.

Consequences of the digital age
New forms of authorship, production, marketing and consumption have accompanied the rise of the digital age. It is not yet clear what the ramifications will be. Some argue that copyright protection hinders cultural growth and artistic expression. With digitisation allowing anyone to modify and expand on another’s work, some see the boundary between consumption and production blurring. New forms of creativity and ownership affect the way we see and understand culture.

Aram Sinnreich
Aram Sinnreich, a writer and assistant professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey, studies the media and entertainment industries. His book Mashed Up: Music, Technology, and the Rise of Configurable Culture chronicles the rise of 'configurability’, an emerging musical and cultural phenomenon rooted in today’s networked global communications infrastructure. “The book suggests a shift from linear to recursive logic, and a new 'DJ consciousness', in which the margins are becoming the new mainstream,” Sinnreich says.

The audiovisual designer, director and ‘samplist’ Eboman specialises in the production of audiovisual sample compositions. Eboman has won awards including a BV Popprijs, an NPS Cultuurprijs, an Edison/Zilveren Harp award and a clutch of dance awards. He also received a TMF Award nomination.

Joost Smiers
Joost Smiers has extensively researched decisionmaking in cultural matters around the world; new views on creative and intellectual property, copyright and the public domain; freedom of expression versus responsibility; and cultural identities. His publications include the essay ‘Imagine There Is No Copyright and No Cultural Conglomerates Too’. Smiers is currently a professor emeritus of political science of the arts and a research fellow in arts and economics at the Utrecht School of the Arts.

Re-Mix: Creativity, Participation and Ownership in a Digital Age is a unique English-language interdisciplinary minor programme in the Department of Arts and Culture at VU University Amsterdam. It focuses on new forms of creativity, ownership and interactive participation in a multimedia Web 2.0 environment and the associated legal issues regarding intellectual property. Focusing on current issues from a cultural and legal perspective, the minor is relevant to students from a variety of backgrounds. The Department of Arts and Culture offers the programme jointly with the Faculty of Law. for more information, see the VU website.

Masters of Amateurism
In this 2010–2011 events series, Premsela invites international authors and designers to discuss their work in the context of aspects of amateurism such as DIY, hacking, Web 2.0, bricolage and street fashion. Insert the main content here.
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