Every year, Premsela organises a variety of exhibitions in the Netherlands and abroad.
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Current projects

Basic Instincts Exhibitions

Basic Instincts

Experts on the relationship between clothing and cinema shared their insights at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2011. A sequel to the event took place in Maastricht. Out of Fashion: Maastricht in May and June featured the fashion designer Cassette Playa and the photographer Michael James O'Brien. We've got videos, photos and reports.
Connecting Concepts Exhibitions

Connecting Concepts

Around the world, the Netherlands is known for its cutting-edge, innovative design. The exhibition Connecting Concepts provides a glimpse of the Netherlands' secrets of success.

Eindhoven events

Premsela will programme events at the Designhuis at least through 2012, in collaboration with Design Cooperation Brainport and the city of Eindhoven. Read more about the Designhuis.
iPad app

Basic Instincts

The high-end Basic Instincts iPad application is a magazine, an exhibition catalogue, and an extension of the exhibition itself. Read more.
Exhibition and book

Grafisch Geluk

The exhibition Grafisch Geluk, showcasing 20th-century Dutch graphic design and linked to a book on the printer Steendrukkerij De Jong & Co., closed in February after a successful run. Read more.

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