Dutch fashion council study

On behalf of Premsela and in partnership with the fashion, interiors, carpet and textiles trade association Modint, Liesbeth in 't Hout will investigate the possibility of establishing a Dutch fashion council.

Discussion of the Netherlands’ need for a fashion council has been going on for several years. The industry requires a solid national base. A council would link designers, businesses, academies, media outlets, museums, organisations and events, ensuring higher quality and more international attention for Dutch fashion. An accompanying investment fund would further strengthen the council. Though various parties have attempted to set up such an organisation, none have borne fruit.

Now, Premsela and Modint are tackling the task together. They have asked In ’t Hout, former director of the AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute and the Design Academy Eindhoven, to investigate the council’s possible objectives, duties and functions and determine the form it should take. A study of the feasibility of an investment fund will also take place. The research will be completed on 1 January 2012.

In 't Hout spoke to designers including Robbert Wefers Bettink, who founded Studio Sober with Cissy Noordeloos in 2009, soon after they graduated from AMFI. The company’s philosophy emphasises craft, attention to detail and dedication to quality. "We would expect a Dutch fashion council to be an independent organisation that would offer clear-cut support to a few designers and provide beginning designers with a place to start and contacts for help with organisation, finances, presentation and production,” Bettink says. “The council should serve as a home for Dutch fashion and give it a face."

Photo: Meine Klein.