2013 Fashion Biennale Arnhem

The New Institute will run the MoBA Podium knowledge-sharing hub with various partners at the 2013 Fashion Biennale Arnhem (MoBA 13), an international style showcase curated by Lidewij Edelkoort. The MoBA Podium will host a range of lectures, seminars, symposiums and workshops. MoBA 13 takes place from Sunday 9 June through Sunday 21 July at locations across Arnhem.

Expert meeting
The New Institute will also hold an expert meeting at MoBA 13 on the possibility of setting up a fashion investment fund in the Netherlands. At the closed gathering on Tuesday 18 June, 20 experts will consider the viability of such a fund.

The New Institute is also assisting with the MoBA Ateliers, which will feature work by contributors including the designers Bart Hess and Borre Akkersdijk and the fashion website SHOWstudio.

MoBA 13 expert meeting
Date: Tue 18 Jun
Time: 1–5.30pm
Location: MoBA Podium, Auditorium, MoBA Central, Arnhem
Admission: Closed