(Un)limited Design Contest

Amateurs and professionals alike were invited to enter product designs in the (Un)limited Design Contest. This year’s winners are everyday items – a lamp, a storage box, measuring scoops. But they share an out-of-the-ordinary quality: each design is available as a free download, so anyone can manufacture it on computer-driven production equipment like that found in Fab Labs, special public workshops around the world.

(Un)limited Design Awards
We announced the winners at Picnic '10. Jorn van Eck won in the Form category for his Shades of Wood lamp, whose shade is made of ash veneer, a material too thin to cut with a knife but suitable for laser cutting. Eulàlia Llovet Vidal’s 2 Teaspoons//Tablespoons at Once! took the Food prize. Marina Toeters’s Coolplus micro-knitted shawl won in the Fashion division. And Studio Ludens’s Magic Box won in Fusion. Each winner will receive a MakerBot open-source 3D printer. Honourable mentions went to Sylvie van de Loo’s UP Fruitschaal, Maarten Scherpenisse’s Shape & Chocolate, Astrid Lubsen’s Naam Ketting, and Jeroen Dijkmeijer’s iScriptDesign. Matt Stinchcomb of Etsy chaired the jury, whose other members were Bre Pettis of MakerBot Industries and designers Joris Laarman (Joris Laarman Lab) and Matt Cottam (Tellart).

Make it, share it
The (Un)limited Design Contest is an experiment in open design – the sharing of creative work in the manner of open-source software. An open design can be copied, adapted and distributed under certain conditions. These products can be manufactured in Fab Labs, of which there are four in the Netherlands. At these centres, members of the public can make objects on computer-driven equipment, such as 3D milling machines and 2D laser cutters, using digital blueprint files. Blueprints are available for download on websites, including the (Un)limited Design Contest’s.

The (Un)limited Design Contest 2010 is a project of Premsela, Waag Society, the Dutch Fab Labs and Creative Commons NL. Special thanks to Etsy.

Audience members at the 2009 contest award ceremony wait for the winner's name.
(Un)limited Design video
From sketch to lamp