(Un)limited Design

Through our (Un)limited Design activities, Premsela seeks to investigate and demonstrate the possibilities presented by open design. We also wish to allow everyone the opportunity to share creativity through the open source model.

Design, sharing and innovation came together naturally in the (Un)limited Design project, which Premsela started two years ago with Waag Society and Creative Commons Netherlands. The first (Un)limited Design Contest was intended as an experiment in open design. Entrants could submit product designs on the condition that they shared their digital blueprints so others could modify and improve their designs or manufacture them using Fab Labs. Creative Commons licences allowed entrants to share their designs without relinquishing copyright. The contest elicited innovative and inspiring designs, some of which have been exhibited several times.

In 2010, Premsela, Waag Society and Creative Commons Netherlands presented the programme (Un)limited Dutch Design – comprising an exhibition, the second contest launch, and the (Un)limited Design Sessions – at Berlin’s DMY International Design Festival. The latest result of our partnership is the book Open Design Now: Why Design Cannot Remain Exclusive, forthcoming in May.

Open Design Now
Contributors to Open Design Now discussed aspects of open design at a sneak preview at Picnic'10 in September in Amsterdam. For details on the authors, content and launch, see our page on the book.

“Redesigning (Open) Design”
The philosopher and professor Jos de Mul talked about how open design should be and suggested possible future strategies for designers in “Redesigning (Open) Design”, his opening lecture for the book event. A PDF of his talk is available for download. published a report.

(Un)limited Design is a project of Premsela Dutch Platform for Design and Fashion, Waag Society and Creative Commons Netherlands in association with the Dutch Fab Labs.

(Un)limited Design Contest

Jorn van Eck, Eulàlia Llovet Vidal, Marina Toeters and Studio Ludens won the second (Un)limited Design Contest in 2010. Find out more about the contest and get instructions for making their products yourself.

(Un)limited Dutch Design @ DMY

Workshop @ DMYWe produced the (Un)limited Dutch Design event at the DMY International Design Festival in Berlin in 2010. Get a visual, verbal and aural impression of our open-design extravaganza.

(Un)limited Design Forum
Premsela Forum (Un)limited DesignSpeakers at Premsela's forum on 11 May discussed the meaning of open design and what it has to offer designers. Check out the video highlights.