(Un)limited Dutch Design

Design in the Netherlands has developed rapidly, not least because of an open-minded and experimental design mentality. (Un)limited Dutch Design at DMY International Design Festival Berlin celebrated the unlimited possibilities of design within the context of shared creativity, open technology and digital fabrication.
Premsela and Waag Society's (Un)limited Design activities series demonstrates the possibilities open technology and production hold for design and promote the open-source sharing of creativity. In July, we held the (Un)limited Dutch Design event at the DMY International Design Festival Berlin. It was part of the Maker Lab, an open-design workshop area. DMY visitors could view the (Un)limited Design Expo, enter the second (Un)limited Design Contest and attend workshops in the (Un)limited Design Sessions. At the (Un)limited Design Talk, experts and participants discussed the effects of open design.
(Un)limited Design Contest
Started in 2009, the (Un)limited Design Contest is an experiment in open design – that is, the sharing of creative work in the manner of open-source software. Participants can submit original designs or copy and adapt others' entries. All DMY visitors were invited to create entries for the contest in our temporary Fab Lab. This year’s themes are Form, Food, Fashion and Fusion. The contest will officially launch in September at the PICNIC'10 conference in Amsterdam.
(Un)limited Design Expo
A selection of (Un)limited Design Contest entries were on display at DMY. Designs made on the spot were added to the exhibition, making it the beating heart of the (Un)limited Design open-design practice community.
(Un)limited Design Sessions
Daily lunch sessions introduced visitors to the (Un)limited Design Contest and the Fab Lab machines. During the (Un)limited Design Talk, experts and participants discussed the effects of open design (an edited version can be potcasted at aworldofopen.cc) . And at the concluding book workshop, visitors got a chance to collaborate on the (Un)limited Design Book.
(Un)limited Fab Lab Amsterdam
Professionals and enthusiasts were able to make almost anything in our fully functional temporary Fab Lab at DMY, which featured computer-driven tools such as 3D milling machines and 2D laser cutters.
(Un)limited Design is a project of Premsela, Waag Society and Creative Commons Nederland in collaboration with the Dutch Fab Labs and with special thanks to Etsy. (Un)limited Dutch Design was made possible by the Dutch Design Fashion Architecture programme.
The (Un)limited Design Expo at DMY, in Berlin's Tempelhof Airport. Photo: Premsela.
(Un)limited Design slideshow
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(Un)limited Design Contest
Join and win a 3D printer!Until September 9 you can join the second (Un)limited Design Contest. Read more about the contest and submit your own entry.

DMY Maker Lab in Stop Motion
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